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Naval Academy Sailing Foundation, Inc.

 The Naval Academy Sailing Foundation (NASF) is an IRS 501(c)(3) charitable tax-exempt corporation, chartered in the State of Maryland since 1973. Its sole function is to further the mission of the United States Naval Academy ; primarily through direct support of the sail training program at the Naval Academy . The Foundation’s volunteer Board of Trustees is selected from either active or former members of the Fales Committee. The Fales Committee is an advisory group which meets semi-annually, along with the Board of Trustees, and reports to the Superintendent of the Naval Academy on the status of sail training matters.  

The Sailing Foundation seeks and manages donations of competitive sailing yachts for the Naval Academy ’s sail training program, as well as equipment (mainly donated sails) to keep these assets current, safe, and competitive. Donated boats are owned by the Foundation and “bare-boat” chartered to the Naval Academy at no cost. Assistance with major maintenance of these donated boats is also provided to USNA on a case-by-case basis as agreed by the Director of Naval Academy Sailing (DNAS) and NASF. When boats are no longer required by the Academy  in the sail training program (after being training assets for at least 3 years), NASF then markets the boats and the proceeds are deposited into the Sailing Foundation’s professionally managed investment account. The income stream from this portfolio, as well as from the sale of boats, funds the operation of NASF and provides funding for various on-the-water activities of the Naval Academy ’s sail training program.  

The Foundation’s primary purpose is to provide a steady flow of competitive sail training craft for the Varsity Offshore Sailing Team and to augment the Offshore Sail Training Squadron, the Academy’s fleet of Navy 44 Sail Training Craft,  . However, in addition to building its own investment account, the Foundation also provides direct financial support (a partial list of examples follows) to the sailing program through donors as well as its own resources:  


  • Funding for the transportation, insurance, survey, and maintenance, when necessary, for newly donated boats.


  • Funding for the design and a major portion of the quality control for the fleet of McCurdy & Rhodes Navy 44 sail training craft,  NA44 (MK I).


  • The Vanderstar Sailing Chair is funded through the Foundation annually by Mr. Cornelius Vanderstar.

  • Funding (variously from 2002-2007) for both the Intercollegiate Dinghy Sailing Head Coach and Assistant Coach.


  • Funding for such other activities as may be deemed necessary and appropriate by the Superintendent of the Naval Academy , the Director of Naval Academy Sailing, and the Board of Trustees.


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58 Bennion Road, MailStop 23J
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General Information: nasfbower@compuserve.com
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